CHINA NPC 2017: Gov't work report


Delivered at the Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on March 5, 2017

Li Keqiang

Premier of the State Council



2017年3 月5 日在第十二届全国人民




  • 2016 WORK REVIEW

Economy performed stably with good momentum for growth

  GDP reached 74.4 trillion yuan, representing 6.7% growth

Employment growth exceeded projections

Continued advances made in reform and opening up

Economic structural adjustment stepped up

New drivers of growth gained strength

Infrastructure became ever-better able to sustain development

Living standards improved

  China successfully hosted the G20 2016 Hangzhou Summit

  Reform entered a critical stage

  • MAIN WORK IN 2016

1. Economy performed within an appropriate range

2. Five priority tasks to improve composition of supply

3. Deepen reform and opening up, strengthen vitality of development

4. Strengthened leading role of innovation

5. Promoted more balanced development

6. Strengthened ecological conservation

7. Gave particular attention to improving living standards

8. Enhance government performance and improve governance

  Outstanding achievements in diplomacy in 2016

  95th anniversary of founding CPC

  80th anniversary of victory of Long Marc


 19th National Party Congress to be held

  • TARGET FOR 2017

GDP growth of around 6.5%

Ensure employment and improve people’s lives

Pursue a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy

Government budgets should highlight priorities

Governments at all levels should tighten their belts

Pursue a prudent and neutral monetary policy


1. Make progress while maintaining stable performance

2. Focus on supply-side structural reform

3. Expand aggregate demand

4. Rely on innovation, promote more structural upgrading

5. Solve prominent problems of public concern


1. Pushing ahead with five priority tasks through reform

 ・Take solid and effective steps to cut overcapacity

 ・Cutting excess urban real estate inventory

 ・Carry out process of deleveraging in an active, prudent manner

 ・Take multiple measures to cut costs;

    Overhaul government-managed funds, abolish municipal public utility surcharges

    Abolish or suspend 35 charges enterprises pay to central government

    Reduce government-set operating fees for businesses

    Lower as appropriate enterprise share to social insurance, housing provident fund

    Reduce government imposed transaction costs; lower energy & logistics costs

 ・Take targeted measures to strengthen areas of weakness

    Reduce number of rural residents living in poverty by over 10 million

    Central government funding for poverty alleviation will be increased by over 30%

    Different rural development funds will be merged in poor countries

2. Deepening reform in major sectors & key links

 ・Continue to transform government functions

 ・Continue to reform fiscal & tax systems

 ・Advance reforms in the financial sector

    Make financial institution’s service accessible to small & micro businesses

    Encourage large & medium commercial banks to establish inclusive financial debts

    Strengthen role that rural credit cooperatives play

    Deepen reform of the multi-tiered capital market

    Systemic risks under control, must be fully alert to build-up of risks

 ・Speed up the reform of SOBs and state capital

    Advance reform in the power; open competitive operations to private sector

    Improve and strengthen regulation of state assets

    Do more to energize the non-public sector

    Improve property rights protection system

    Make a big push for progress in the reform of the social system

    Deepen institutional reform to build a sound ecological environment

3. Do more to unleash the potential of domestic demand

 ・Promote a steady increase in consumer spending

 ・Work proactively to expand effective investment

 ・Improve planning for regional development

 ・Take solid steps to pursue a new type of urbanization

4. Transforming & upgrading the real economy through innovation

 ・Strengthen capacity for making technological innovations

 ・Accelerate development of emerging industries

 ・Endeavor to transform and upgrade traditional industries

 ・Continue to encourage people to start businesses, make innovations

 ・Take comprehensive steps to improve product quality

5. Promoting development of agriculture and increasing in rural incomes

 ・Push forward with structural adjustment in agriculture

 ・Boost the development of modern agriculture

 ・Deepen rural reforms

 ・Step up development of public facilities in rural area

6. Expanding China’s opening up to the world

 ・Making a solid efforts to progress Belt & Road Initiative

 ・Ensuring the steady growth of foreign trade

 ・Improving the environment for foreign investors

 ・Better facilitating international trade and investmen

7. Continue to try to protect the environment

 ・Make sky blue again

    Work on upgrading coal-fired power plants

    Taking measures to tackle the sources of pollution

    Strengthen controls over vehicle emissions

    Taking steps to tackle heavy air pollution

    Strictly enforcing environmental laws and regulations

 ・Controlling water and soil pollution

 ・Moving forward with ecological conservation

8. Promoting social development and improve people’s wellbeing

 ・Creating more jobs and business start-ups

 ・Ensuring people have access to equitable, quality education

    Pilot reform of college entrance exam

 ・Making more progress in building a Healthy China

    Increase subsides for basic health insurance

    Promoting partnership between medical institutions

    Increase subsides for basic public health services

 ・Working for ways to ensure people’s wellbeing

    Raising basic pension pavements

    Ensuring “left-behind” children are cared for

 ・Developing cultural programs and industries

 ・Exploring new forms of social governance

    Making basic cultural services more equitable

    Continue to pursue the Peaceful China initiative

 ・Ensuring workplace safety and protecting lives.

9. Strengthening the all-around improvement of government

 ・Fully advancing China’s law-based governance

 ・Maintain ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times

 ・Encouraging strong work ethic and enterprising sprit

Increasing support in mainly ethnic minority regions

 ・Fully implementing Party’s policy concerning ethnic minorities

 ・Protecting the legitimate rights of overseas Chinese nationals

Deepening reforms in national defense, armed forces

 ・Promoting innovation in defense-related science and technology

Continuing with principle of “one country, two systems”

 ・Supporting the economic development of Hong Kong, Macao

 ・Elevating position of Hong Kong, Macao in China’s opening-up

Upholding One-China principle, safeguard 1992 Consensus

 ・Maintaining peaceful growth of cross-Straits relations

 ・Firmly advancing process of the peaceful reunification of China

Standing on the side of peace and stability